Easy Sales - here's how

When it comes to easy sales, you might think there is no such thing. I happen to agree with that philosophy to some extent. All sales activities have inherent challenges, but as an entrepreneur, your job is to meet the challenges and make the sale.

Your best opportunity to make a sale in a smooth and easy manner is to offer a "tried and true" product or service to a current satisfied customer. That's it.

It's really rather simple and logical.

There's no guarantees here, but your best chances of making sales will be to those who have already made purchases, and with products and services that have a good track record in the marketplace.

Let's look at the reasons why.

Make use of the Customer Relationship

We all generally do business at places where we've already done business. Many of us, our customers included, fall into patterns of behavior, and this is one of them. We have a certain relationship with a business, and we tend to maintain that relationship unless a "bridge is burned" by the customer or the product/service provider.

Even if we aren't tremendously satisfied with a place of business, it becomes "the devil we know." And, many people are reluctant to switch for fear of getting involved with a "devil" that is worse than the one they're dealing with now.

If you've done your job right as a small business operator, your customers will have a level of comfort with you. And, they'll also have a level of trust. Often that will be sufficient to help you make additional sales to these customers.

If you've established a personal business relationship, then you have the inside track when it comes to future sales with a particular customer. This type of relationship indicates that there is pleasure mixed with business, and that makes it appealing to both parties.

Proven Products and Services

Your product or service offering is also a key to easy sales. If what you're offering is tried and true, then you have a better chance of making sales because you're not trying to convince a "Guinea pig" to be the "test bed" for your offering.

It's very appealing that a product or service doesn't need the "bugs" worked out of it. When it's been proven to be of value in the marketplace, that gives your customer a level of confidence that you won't otherwise be able to convince them of.

Another factor that influences easy sales is the idea that your product or service is second or third generation. This is important, especially for software. It shows commitment and interest in the product by those that created it. Who wants to be the one to buy the "last one made" in hopes that the business will continue to service and support the product?

Combining the Factors

So, when your proven product or service is offered to current customers, you have a much better opportunity of making easy sales. The customer already knows and trusts you, and you're offering something that is known to be effective and of value based on "time spent" in the marketplace.

This is one of the small business ideas that can be very effective if your intention is to make easy sales in the marketplace.

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