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Free Internet Traffic - get it now

Getting free Internet traffic to your blog or website is an important element of building your business, no matter what your intention is with your web presence. With so many avenues for attracting visitors, there is no reason to pay for visitor traffic.

For many of us trying to start a web-based business as a part-time effort from our home, we likely don't have much start-up capital and we'd at least like to test the waters first before we dive in with a large investment. This cautious approach make sense to me.

I suggest that even full-time web entrepreneurs make good use of free traffic because this type of "organic" visitor traffic reflects the true interest in what you have to offer.

Let's look at the basics of attracting free Internet traffic to your site. I think you'll find that there are many and varied ways to get visitors without paying money. Nevertheless, it does require an investment of time and effort - like anything else that is worth doing. The good news is that much of your time and effort will continue to pay dividends for years to come, and this makes it a good investment from the start.

Here are ways that I believe are effective in attracting visitor traffic to my sites. I suggest that you use each of these to some extent in order to support success in your Internet business. Each of these methods are effective in attracting free Internet traffic.

Free Internet Traffic Sources

Search engines are your most important source of free Internet traffic if you use keywords and phrases to attract their attention. Keywords as the name would suggest, are key, and search engines rely on keywords to find pages that match what their visitors are searching for. Knowing how to use keywords effectively will make or break your Internet efforts.

Just think of it, you have Google, Yahoo, Bing and dozens of other search engines helping people find what they're looking for. Why wouldn't you make good use of these resources? You'd be quite foolish if you didn't learn about keywords and use them effectively to rank high with the search engines.

Article marketing is another important way to get free Internet traffic to your site. The idea is to write a useful article that attracts readers to your site because they want to hear more of what you have to say or learn more about the topic that you're writing about.

With sites like EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, AssociatedContent, Helium, Ehow and GoArticles you can attract quite a number of visitors to your site by creating original, high quality articles that provide good information to readers. The drawback of article marketing is the investment of additional writing effort, but I think it's worth it.

I have over 100 articles on EzineArticles that I wrote and published over an 18 month period. These articles have been viewed roughly 17,000 times and have provided about 1,700 visits to my websites. Each of my articles serves as an "agent" to help attract individuals to what I have to offer.

Traditional print publications are another excellent source of free Internet traffic. I write for print publications like Maximum Yield, Countryside, Garden & Greenhouse and Around Cheyenne. In each case, I trade my efforts for name recognition and promoting my website addresses in the articles. It's a fair trade in my eyes because many of these magazines have thousands of readers, and if only a small percentage of them visit my website, that can mean hundreds of new visitors to view the content that I offer online.

With all the emphasis on web resources, we might forget that hard copy publications still exist. Don't overlook them as they will be popular for many years to come. The key is to write for publications that have an audience that matches what you're offering online.

Commenting on blogs is another good way to get your name out there and promote your online activities. Once you become recognized as someone with something worthwhile to say, individuals tend to click on your name or web address to see what else you have to offer.

In addition, I've had offers to write articles for blogs. And, blog owners have taken my comments and turned them into feature articles. That's quite a compliment for my writing, and a good deal of exposure as well. Here is an example of one of my detailed comments that a blog owner turned into a feature article.

The key to free Internet traffic from blogs is to leave something of substance - something of value. Your comments need to shine, they need to sing, they need to stand out. If you leave short, trite, negative or otherwise unhelpful comments, you won't attract free Internet traffic to your name or your site.

Showcase sites is a name I give to sites that provide opportunities for you to create a separate web presence that points back to your site. Again, your name, your site name and your web address are all important to promote. These type of sites provide opportunities to create content that reflects well on you and will help attract visitors to your web presence.

Consider sites like Squidoo that allow you to create a "lens" that discusses a particular topic or showcases a story. Also consider sites like HubPages where you create web pages that discuss your interests. The idea is to simply create more "pointers" that direct visitor traffic to your site by allowing you to get more involved in the "conversation."

Sites like these that offer free web pages are doing so as part of a trade. The trade is self promotion for you and your web presence, and more "real estate" created by you for them to use for advertising. In this way, you get more free Internet traffic that can lead to higher revenues, and they get enhanced opportunity for advertising revenue.

Social media also offers you a chance to promote your name and your Internet endeavors. Sites like FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter can attract followers and provide a means of reaching out to others with your views, helpful hints and updates on what you have to offer on your website or blog.

For me, the drawbacks of social media are many and varied, but they still offer worthwhile opportunities for free Internet traffic if used properly. Many use the features of social media to send spam or bombard participants with endless games, contests, short messages, opinion polls and such. When using social media, you must stay focused on getting your message out by staying involved in genuine conversations about relevant topics, and steer clear of the many associated distractions.

Photo and video sharing also provides opportunities to gain free Internet traffic for your site. Places like YouTube, Flickr and FotoLog allow you to upload videos and photos and share them with others. In doing so, you share your ideas and links to your web address and individual files that can encourage others to visit your site.

In addition, image search is becoming just as important as keyword searching, so having photos that can be readily found with appropriate keywords associated with them is another way to make use of search engines.

Blog carnivals are a type of "event" that is hosted by a blog. Individuals with websites and blogs are welcome to submit their pages/files for consideration to individual carnivals organized by BlogCarnival.com. Each "carnival" has a theme and all submissions should be targeted towards that theme. When the carnival is hosted, the host provides a brief introduction to the theme and then describes the material provided by contributors and links to each of the articles/pages.

Participating in blog carnivals allows you to get important links to your site and provides nice exposure for your name and your web presence. Here is an example of such a link from a blog carnival held by My DIY Home Tips. To see the link to my material, look under the red heading titled Blog Carnival - A Carnival of Everything Home and then scroll down to Home Improvement.

As shown in this example, my link is one among dozens, so to garner free Internet traffic, I regularly participate in multiple carnivals. This raises the potential that interested individuals will find my article and visit my site.


Sources of free Internet traffic are everywhere and they are constantly changing. It's up to the entrepreneur to identify good sources of free organic traffic. A good source of free Internet traffic is one that has common interests with your site, has a good following of visitors, and allows opportunities for your name and site address to be found and linked to by visitors.

Each source has its drawbacks as well. Some require additional effort to create new content, others can involve distracting activities, and still others may have your link amid a sea of others, making it difficult for visitor traffic to find you. This is why your key resources for free Internet traffic are the search engines. Develop your site to please the search engines, and you'll be generating focused organic traffic to your site that can grow substantially over the years as the search engines "learn" what your site is all about.

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