Frequently Asked Questions about Home Biz Profiles & Small Biz profiles

Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding having your business as part of my home based and small business profile pages here at Sensible Small Business Ideas.

My offer with respect to these pages is that if you have a small business, I'll put a web page together for you at no cost and post it on this site with the others. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and get interviewed. I do the writing and create a story about you and your business. I'll take pictures if you're local or you can provide pictures.

When I get the page assembled, I let you know where it is and you'll have plenty of time to review it before I "wire it up" to the site for the world to see.

The web page is mine, but you can use it like it was yours by telling others, putting the address for it on your business card or as part of your signature at the bottom of your e-mails. If you want minor changes, you just let me know and within reason I'll make them.

Each month or so I'll let you know how many people have visited your profile page, but to do that, you'll need to sign up for the newsletter for this site. It's easy to do, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

It's that easy. Nevertheless, some folks just can't believe it's true, so I'll provide answers to the most frequently asked questions that I have encountered so far.

Frequently Asked Questions - Purpose and Effort

What is it all about?

The purpose of the business profiles pages is to encourage people to start their own business by showing that ordinary people have done just that. It's a collection of stories about the efforts of everyday people who wanted to work for themselves, not others.

Do I have to write a story about my business?

You can, but you don't have to. I'll write it for you. If you write something, all I ask is that it be:

  • in good taste
  • fashioned as an interview
  • enjoyable and interesting
  • reasonable in length
  • in your own writing

And, I get to edit or rewrite it so it has the same look and feel as the other business profile pages.

What about pictures?

If you're local to Cheyenne, Wyoming, I'll take pictures for you. Otherwise, you'll have to send them to me. I generally like pictures of:

  • principals of the enterprise
  • actions associated with your business
  • pictures of work products
  • your business card
  • signs outside of your business
  • tools, resources or equipment that you use
  • certifications and licenses
  • others things that make your business interesting

How many profiles are you looking for?

I have no set number in mind. If I can get several hundred profiles, I would be very happy.

What kind of businesses are you looking for?

All kinds. As long as they are legitimate businesses that are serious about being successful.

You're located in Cheyenne. Is it just local businesses that you profile?

No. I'll profile any business, anywhere in the world as long as we do it in English.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cost

How much does it cost?

Nothing. I offer this as a free opportunity to small businesses, whether operating out of their home or in a small office someplace. It doesn't cost anything, ever.

Do you take a percentage of sales as payment?

No. It costs nothing.

Is there a monthly fee?

No. It costs nothing at all, ever.

If you commercialize the website, will I have to pay then?

No. Now and always, business profiles will be free web pages offered to small businesses that want to show off their enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions - Benefits

What are the benefits for me and my business?

The benefits can be summarized as:

  • your business gets free publicity
  • you get a web presence at no cost
  • if you have a website, you get an additional web presence
  • your website (if you have one) will get an incoming link from mine
  • it costs you nothing
  • your exposure increases as the popularity of my website grows
  • public exposure to your business increases with every additional business profiled and with every person that visits the site or someone else's profile
  • you have someplace to direct your customers for an inside look at your special business.

So if it's free, then what do you get out of it?

I get a reason to build another page for my website, and I get more traffic directed to those pages by each of the business owners and the search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions - Business Promotion and Success of Others

How do you advertise your website or my page?

I write good content for the site. That's the most important thing to attract traffic. I also promote site interest on Internet forums that discuss and support small businesses. In addition, I write articles that bring traffic to the site, and I keep adding more profiles that build more traffic from people interested in showing off their businesses.

In addition, throughout the text I use your business name and/or a phrase associated with your business activities, along with the city or area where you are located. This helps search engines find "pest control in Omaha" or "hair stylist in Cedar Rapids" so you can attract more traffic from people in your area who are searching for products and services using the Internet.

Perform a Google search of "gel nails in Cheyenne" or "where do I get gel nails in Cheyenne" and see where the profile of Ms. Vicki's Gel Nails in Cheyenne comes up on the search engine results. As of October 16th, 2008, her small business profile page shows up smack dab in the middle of the first page of search results returned by Google.

This is excellent placement for a site page that has only been up on the Internet for two full months. As the site stays up longer and I continue to promote it, this type of ranking can only get better and more common for all web pages.

Have sales of the profiled businesses improved?

I don't keep track of that because that is their business. There have been contact requests for specific businesses made through the website contact page, and I simply pass those on to the business owners for their action.

Traffic to some business profile pages is 50 to 60 views each month, and some are over 100. That will continue to grow as the site gets more exposure on the Internet, the number of pages and content increases, and the number of business profiles increases.

Subscribe to the newsletter, and you'll get statistics each month or so about traffic to your page.

Frequently Asked Questions - Advertising and Customer Contacts

Can I use the page to advertise my business?

Yes, to an extent. The profile will do plenty to advertise the business all by itself. I allow logos or banners that represent your business, but not ads like you would place in the newspaper.

How can people contact me?

Your business card or letterhead will be shown in the profile, and I'll link to a website if you have one. That gives you plenty of opportunity for interested customers to contact you.

Can I give customers the page address so they can see what I offer in my business?

Absolutely. That is one of the main reasons for having a business profile on this website. The address of the page will never change, so use that address as "your" web presence.

Frequently Asked Questions - Changes

What if I want changes to the page?

You let me know what they are, and within reason, I'll make the changes.

What if I want more than one page?

One page per business is usually sufficient. If you have details about your products, services or lots of pictures to show, I'll consider doing more than one page for a business. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and additional pages must naturally link in-context from the first page.

What if I don't want the page there anymore?

If for any reason, you don't want the page, I'll set it aside or delete it permanently. Due to the effort involved in putting the page together, I won't reestablish web pages for those that request permanent deletion and then want to get back on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions - Ownership, Restrictions and Commercialization

Who owns the page?


What don't you allow on the page?

I want to keep the pages focused on telling a story about the business, so I don't accept things like:

  • criticism of competitors
  • advertising copy like would appear in a newspaper
  • items that might detract from a light-hearted or encouraging story
  • photos unrelated to the business

Will you put ads or commercial offerings on my page?

Probably not. I'd like to keep the pages clean and focused on the small business ideas that are profiled.

Perhaps there are other issues that should be addressed by these frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer here, please use the contact page and I'll get you an answer and then update these frequently asked questions.

Done with Frequently Asked Questions, take me back to Home Biz Profiles

Done with Frequently Asked Questions, take me back to Small Biz Profiles

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