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How to Increase Internet Traffic

We all wonder how to increase Internet traffic to our websites and blogs. It's the name of the game on the web - get more eyes on your stuff more frequently than other stuff.

Some of us flock to things that are "free" and "the best," and many of us can't resist opening something that suggests "you won," even though we never entered any contest in the first place. These gimmicks might work, but they aren't going to give you the results you'll need.

In general, we need to understand what attracts people and keeps them interested. In many ways, it's the same kinds of things that attract and retain our own interest, but we have to remember that everyone is different.

Therefore, there isn't any way to say for certain how to increase Internet traffic to a particular site, but there are many ways that work better than others. The key is to understand what kind of traffic you want to build and retain. Using a gimmick to get 2,000 visitors to come to your site one day is great, but using appropriate keywords to get 200 to visit and have quality content and an appealing site that causes 20 to stay as regular visitors is much better.

Keep in mind that you're trying to build a business with passive income, so you'll need a large and steady following if your efforts are going to amount to much. You have to get your Internet traffic to "stick."

Here's how to increase Internet traffic to your website or blog, and get them to stick:

  • Have a focus on using appropriate keywords for the content that you offer.

  • Write good quality content that appeals to people. That means good writing, photos, graphics, videos and solid information that makes it worthwhile for them to spend time on your site.

  • Create and maintain a pleasant visitor experience. Avoid obnoxious ads, flashing banners and other things that could be annoying, distracting or otherwise interfere with your good content.

  • Give your visitors something exciting, remarkable, interesting, entertaining and informative. Your entire presentation needs to be something that would encourage your visitor to tell others about your site.

  • Be a real person to your visitors. This may not be how to increase Internet traffic to your site, but it's certainly a good way to retain visitors. Who wants to visit something that is impersonal, stiff, stilted or otherwise sterile in nature? Wouldn't you feel more at home somewhere that offers an environment that is comfortable and more personal? Sure you would, and that means you have to be someone that your visitors can identify with, talk to, and be able to establish some level of rapport.

  • Take deliberate steps to promote your site. That means writing articles, commenting on blogs, participating in forums, creating ad campaigns for selected pages of your site, and participating in things like blog carnivals.

  • Keep your site updated so search engines know that you're not sitting on your laurels, but keeping your site up-to-date and responding to changing times.

So, there you have it, the basics of how to increase Internet traffic to your site and maintain visitor interest. It's much more than simply putting something together on the web and expecting people to find it. It's something that requires good planning, dedicated follow through, and active promotion.

Unless you have an excellent idea, don't expect your traffic to soar. We all need to be more realistic in terms of what to expect, otherwise we're going to be disappointed in our results. My experience shows that building traffic takes months and years. It's what I call a "slow bake" process.

If you're going to be successful on the Internet, you need to be willing make a long term investment of your time to get the site up and running, and actively promote it and respond to visitor interest and suggestions.

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