What is a Website? - a sales and reference platform on the web

We all once asked, "what is a website," so let's explore this fundamental part of the Internet so we better understand what it is and how we might be able to use it to build a business. Websites can be found at the starting point of the Internet, so their usefulness will have staying power. They won't go away anytime soon.

Websites and blogs each have their strengths, so make use of each to support your online business interests. To learn more about blogs, allow me to answer the question, "what is a blog?"

Websites are usually composed around a central theme or topic. It could be a hobby, a sales presentation, general company information, or material designed to be a reference. Pages on a website can be any length, a little like sections in a chapter of a book.

When I think "what is a website," I usually think about a magazine, book or brochure with information focused on a particular topic, activity or interest. The idea is a format that is relatively static. It's up to the reader to interact with the material presented there.

Websites can also be platforms for selling products and services. Think of a brochure with an inventory list and order form. Again, it's relatively static and relies on initiative from the reader.

Web pages can contain photos, graphics, video and audio, just like a blog. In many cases, such features are engaging, appealing and add interest. This is essential to encourage visitors to continue to interact with the site.

There are several things that are very appealing about a website. The question, "what is a website" can be answered largely by looking at six of their most distinctive characteristics:

  • It's a relatively static platform that can be thought of as a large reference book, a guide, a place to showcase products, a gallery for photos or movie clips, or a brochure for explaining services.
  • Content is not interactive with visitors except in the most basic way. There is no "conversation" taking place like on a blog, but a website can include a forum for visitors to discuss various topics.
  • A good system of navigation, a search feature and convenient links to other pages are required structure within a website so visitors can quickly and easily find material they're looking for and related material as well.
  • Visitor traffic has no expectation of frequent updates on a website like they do on a blog.
  • Once a website is built, it requires little attention to maintain it.
  • More "real estate" and flexibility is offered in a website for advertising and product promotion.

Individual web pages are identified with a unique file name, just like a blog. This allows links to be made directly to other pages so associations can be made to related content. The homepage of a website is generally where all main links and features can be found for the site, but such information can also be present on any page of the website.

So, there you have it - the website. If you ever wondered "what is a website" like I once did, you're now better prepared to answer that question. The Internet is always changing, and no doubt the features of websites will also change, but now you know their fundamental characteristics.

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