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If you're looking for windshield repair near Jackson, Wyoming - you're in luck, because Shepard Humphries can help you with your problem. And, stay right where you're at, because his service is mobile - he comes to you and your vehicle.

Is this one of the small business ideas that's right for you?

Shepard Humphries of Jackson, Wyoming is a windshiled repair specialist.

If you have a chip, you need to get it fixed quickly because it can potentially turn into a large crack that can only be fixed with a replacement windshield. Shepard says he can stop those chips before they turn into runaway cracks across your windshield.

He can't fix a broken heart or the crack of dawn, but he can certainly stop the chip on your windshield from necessitating a windshield replacement.

If a rock ricocheted off your window and left its mark, you need someone like Windshield Repair of JH, our featured entrepreneur from Jackson, Wyoming.

The business...

It's mobile, it's not hard to learn, and here in Wyoming nearly everyone needs it from time to time - repairing of a windshield. The key to success is quick response to chips and small cracks caused by rocks and strong winds. If you respond in time, it will save the windshield from having to be replaced..

Our man Shepard is Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to repairing windshields in Jackson, Wyoming and all of Jackson Hole for that matter. A small chip in the windshield has turned into a crack across the entire windshield in both directions.

From personal experience I know it's important to repair a windshield. Temperature change can cause movement of the glass sufficient to propagate a crack. Not a good situation at all.

It's amazing how a seemingly small chip can lead to a ruined windshield.

It all started when...

The business was purchased in 2006, when Shepard and his wife Lynn took over this well established company called Windshield Doctor. It's important to get name recognition, and that's exactly what established businesses have.

Windshield Doctor has built a reputation for being a trusted member of the business community since 1982, and the oldest windshield repair operation in all of Jackson Hole.

The business is formed as an LLC, that's a limited liability corporation. It's a good setup for a small business because it's designed to limited your financial liability to the extent of your investment in the business.

How the business grows...

Like any business, one needs to at least let people know that you're out there and available to meet their needs. Shepard does this in several ways.

Like many small businesses, many of his customers are repeat and referrals based on quality of service. People often take the recommendation of a friend instead of going out on their own to do business with an unknown. Shepard's windshield repair service takes customer service to the highest level, so he gets repeat business from people that won't ever deal with anyone else.

This business also uses commercial advertising in the newspaper, on the radio, and in local phone directories to let people know that windshield repair is only a phone call away. Shepard has a Windshield Repair of JH web page as well, and that tells a good story of how his business got started.

Benefits of the business...

Shepard is a dyed-in-the-wool lover of liberty and free enterprise, and that's exactly what a home-based business operation offers - plenty of freedom to succeed and run the operation as you wish.

Windshield Repair of JH allows Shepard to be active in various liberty movements and pursue his others enterprises as well. Although some travel is required, it's just local travel, so this windshield repair service leaves ample time for the family, and that's a great benefit.

Shepard Humphries and his family enjoy time together.

Hey, am I the only one that notices the red, white and blue theme in this family picture?

Resources you'll need...

Tools and resources necessary for quality windshield repair.

A business such as this requires basic resources to get started. You'll need specialized training to make certain you can do a quality windshield repair. You'll also need special tools and materials to complete the work. And, you'll need a vehicle if your business is going to be mobile like Windshield Repair of JH in Jackson, Wyoming.

This type of business also requires that you stay up on the latest technology and it does change as time goes by. Not only are materials and techniques evolving, but windshields in cars are also evolving. Just think of the changes that have taken place since the introduction of the automobile to the general public:

  • laminated glass
  • safety glass
  • lighter and thinner windshields
  • tinted glass
  • integrated window defrosters
  • embedded antennas
  • windshields used as structural elements

They say in America, if you're not going forwards, your moving backwards. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to stay up on the latest windshield technologies as well as the latest techniques of windshield repair.

Income potential...

Shepard advises that a business like this has a wide range of potential income. Much of the variance depends on the marketplace, your competition, and how hard you work at it. Expect a low end gross revenue of $10K a year if you're approaching this as a part time endeavor, with better than $100K a year if you're applying yourself full-time.

Remember that this is gross revenue. Business license fees, insurance, advertising costs and other operating expenses need to be taken out of that figure before you start counting net proceeds.

Challenges to overcome...

Some of the challenges of buying a business are holding onto your customer base, making a seamless transition from one management team to another, and maintaining momentum in the marketplace. Shepard has done this very well.

The one nagging issue seems to be advertising costs. Success in this type of business requires a constant presence in advertising media so you get known, and you are "findable" when a customer has the need and starts looking for your service.


The success story of Windshield Repair of JH has been one of a quality and service oriented business that changed hands and continued to meet and exceed customer expectations for quality service. When you're ahead of the pack, it's easy to slip and lose the lead, but in the case of Shepard, our windshield repair expert, he has taken customer service very seriously.

Excellence in windshield repair - this says it all.

And, that's what makes this business a pleasant experience for his customers and a special source of pride and joy for Shepard.

Special message from our featured entrepreneur...

Shepard Humphries advises anyone who is interested in this type of business to make certain the market will support the enterprise. In assuming the reigns of this business, the nature of the marketplace was well established, so that wasn't an issue to be concerned with.

If you're making this a startup business, you'll want to determine that the marketplace isn't saturated, and there is sufficient business opportunities available to warrant another service provider in the area.

Our featured entrepreneur also advises that being able to make "cold calls" on people is another key to success. You can't be hesitant to offer your services to strangers, or "beat the bushes" to drum up business and introduce yourself to the community.

Business card for Windshield Doctor of Jackson, Wyoming.

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